Base Review Grading System

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Base Review Grading System

Post by Admin on Sun May 10, 2015 6:11 pm

We have decided to create a system to grade the "war value" of a base. Sometimes, we accept friends or family into the clan, but their bases may not be up to par. If we put these players in the war with an extremely rushed base, then it will increase the likeliness of losing the war, which is no fun for anyone.

In order to war, your base should be a D- at a minimum. The higher the grade, the more often you will be in war, if that's what you'd like.

Here is an example base grade for Al, who has done a great job in upgrading his base. He got a score of 85%, or a B-.

100-98 - A+
97-95 - A
94-93 - A-
92-90 - B+
89-87 - B
86-85 - B-
84-82 - C+
81-79 - C
78-77 - C-
76-75 - D+
72-72 - D
71-70 - D-


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